Safe Cities surveillance solution provides law enforcement and government agencies with advanced technologies to effectively predict and respond to a range of common city threats.

This integrated surveillance and communications network offers fast, reliable access to real-time visual, audio, location-based information and evidential material, whether city-wide or in defined areas. Whether it is to see, hear, track, intercept, locate, monitor or interrogate assets within a city environment, wiseband in collaboration with Cobham has leading technology to provide this.

Unique IP Mesh technology creates a city-wide infrastructure and builds a fluid, self-forming, self-healing dynamic network which adjusts even in rapidly changing communications and mobile situations. A scalable approach is integral to the ability to add layers of capabilities to the expandable Safe Cities framework. The infrastructure is flexible and provides full integration with any of the other Cobham surveillance capability layers or third party products.

These solutions are proven and have been successfully installed for many cities with varying requirements, thanks to the flexible and scalable approach to suit a range of end user needs. All of the capabilities and technologies within a Safe Cities solution are supplied installed and integrated by wiseband.