Mobile Antenna Systems

Imagine being able to pull up to any location and quickly establish voice, video, and data connectivity without the need for specialized training or complicated configurations on the ground.
Wiseband range of mobile vsat antennas are compact, rapid-deployable, self-contained antenna systems that facilitate near-instantaneous broadband satellite communications capability in most any field environment.
The wiseband range of innovative mobile VSAT antennas offer the highest performance from the lightest, lowest stow height and smallest footprint profiles available. Aerodynamic cowlings are offered for specific models.

  • Reflector diameters: 85cm, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.5m and 1.8m
  • AvL Cable Drive precision positioner
  • Rapid deployment
  • Single button automatic satellite and network acquisition
  • Acquires all Ku and C satellites worldwide
  • Operate without special test equipment to assist in satellite acquisition
  • Operate without computers or peripheral equipment
  • Operate without phone calls to the network provider/operator
    • Can be roof mount, rack mount and portable case configured

Vehicle-Mount / DriveAway Mobile VSAT Antennas

FlyAway Mobile VSAT Antennas

FlyAway or DriveAway Premium Mobile VSAT Antennas

FlyAway or DriveAway Mobile VSAT Antennas

Low Profile Satcom on the Move Antenna Systems