Field Deployed Communications

Wiseband provide tactical voice and data communications Suitable for comms-on-the-move or comms-on-the-pause,
The solution provides secure communications suitable for any country.
ELITE Fusion can be used in any country because it splits to allow any crypto, approved in your own country, to be inserted between the red and black enclaves.

How it works:
  • The access slice of ELITE connects to the single or multiple bearers, be they hotel broadband, wireless, cellular or mobile satellite. The access slice connects to headquarters. Configuration is easy - using the touch screen on the device. No need for any additional laptop.
  • The crypto connected to the access slice connects the crypto at headquarters. They connect and go secure.
  • The Fusion's communication module makes a range of services available to your team.
The ELITE Fusion network, showing above, brings together a secure VoIP, analogue phone, radio and laptop network - connected over a number of bearers back to headquarters.

Securing Field Communications

Comms on the Move (COTM) & Secure Comms on the Move (Secure COTM)
Size, weight and power (SWaP) have always been principal drivers behind wiseband solutions’ success - with it's PC/104 option boards used in tactical communications kits from many of the United States' secure communications kits - but for the international user, looking for a secure comms on the move (secure COTM) solution for securing their voice, their radio and their network traffic, wiseband has a new platform for them.

Mission Critical Communications

Whether you are a commercial or government user, securing communications is critical, particularly when travelling overseas.
While individual users can easily secure their data locally, on a laptop or with a secure phone, teams can benefit from a complete, single secure tactical kit for the full suite of communications and networking services.