Fleet Automation

is the key to regain control! Automating fleet with GPS vehicle tracking system is the best way to manage your vehicles/drivers. It puts you in control and helps you cut losses.
  • Use raw location data to automate your fleet
  • Transform GPS tracking into valuable insights
  • Be in charge of your fleet, grow your business

Vehicle Tracking Features

Live GPS Tracking

Alerts by SMS, Email, Mobile

Vehicle Tracking Reports

Vehicle Service Maintenance

GPS Tracking Benefits

Regain control of your vehicles: Is the cost of running your fleet spiralling out of control?

Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use: Know what your drivers are doing or not doing at all times?

Minimize fleet downtime: Never miss a periodic service that keep your fleet productive & fit.

Enforce safe driving across your fleet with GPS tracking. Avoid accidents, save costs.

Improve dispatch & delivery by optimizing routes. Vehicle tracking makes clients happy.

Reduce fuel usage: Alarms can be pre-set to alert on high/low fuel levels, refuel & fuel drain.